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Shit I’ve Done – A Summary

This is not random – I used to blog and vlog. I started blogging when I was 11 and it happened on and off until I was around 20? Can’t rmb why I stopped blogging but I firmly believe it had something to do with laziness, a relationship and a few stalkers I didn’t appreciate. I continued making short videos and doing random shit into the relationship and stopped after the break-up because I kind of wanted privacy. I should have gotten back at it but I guess I could say I was pretty focused in school (hahahaha) and working part-time throughout that I lost touch with all of it.

So now I’m back and I hope that this very first opening post would be a great summary of how I am or used to be. I will actually like to share some of the crazy shit some of my friends know I’ve done but I’ve never actually wanted to share or tell anyone else because people mature with age and that is just very embarrassing. My motivation to start it all again is none other than my girlfriend JM who has been nothing but positive and motivating. So even if this is going to end up or go down the track of ultimate embarrassment and hilarity, I am still for it – she has seen all the sibeh funny and extremely embarrassing sides of me and I guess she believes this is the life for me (and so do my other close friends).



 2004: 11yo – Started a blog, or actually a few blogs lol basically it was just all about my daily life – who I met, hung out with, blablablablaaaaaaaaa
2011: 17yo – Started vlogging on YouTube which videos I had set to private years later, also vlogged with a friend who was on a similar level of craziness as I was. Achieved nothing but it was fun.
2012: 18yo – Auditioned for TVN StarHunt (Kpop stuff, lol) just before my A Levels which I got into the Top 100, also started running an online shop which I failed to continue running through 2nd year of uni.
2013: 19yo – Made a gwiyomi video and that’s when my Facebook requests started to snowball and I had all the unnecessary attention. I also started to promote for Mink (club) and met a few great friends. I then got into a relationship which ended most of the things I was working on and it was my choice, it was silly, but I don’t regret it, I learnt.
2016: 23yo – Umm awkward hello hahahahaha

I kinda just went dead and private, except for a few dubsmash videos I posted on my Instagram. Nth spicy or funny after that. I also deactivated my previous account ’cause of my refusal to commit to answering questions.

I figured this will be a good time to share all my stupid things because people have actually been asking me for my audition video and yeah I think I will share it here. I am totally ready to laugh at myself with you guys. The videos will go according to the timeline.






TvN StarHunt Audition

I have to thank 2 of my close friends who woke up as early as 4.30am just to accompany me to the audition venue – queue for approx 12hours (around 4pm) and then finally, was my turn to audition for not even 5 minutes worth of performance. It was all in all a fun and nerve-wrecking experience but I am never doing it again because I hate waiting and I hate crowds. Btw this was for the very first season of TvN StarHunt.

The DotA vid

To be fair, I currently have no knowledge of what I said or did in this video because I do not ever want to rewatch it. But I can say it was done when I knew nothing much about sustaining relationships or keeping boyfriends so please don’t ask me about what I said again. I don’t think I still stand for the same beliefs anymore but I believe I would wanna play games with my future boyfie because games are fuuUuhHHhhHHn. AND THAT MAKEUP!?!!?!?!?!….. HAHAHAHA so awkward everything was awkward. Anyway the rest of the vlogs were make-up/fashion hauls and song covers I did but unless requested I won’t be releasing the videos again lol! They’re happy with where they are now so it’s better for them to not see the light of day. Good for everyone.

Gwiyomi Video

I was starting to get lazy about vlogging and since by then I had already private those vlogs, I chose to post it on Facebook. And that make-up again. Those brows. I buay tahan. Lol i tried my best ok?!

Dubsmash Videos

If you don’t already know (!?!?!?!), I love Eminem, he’s the best ever. But with that said, I am not a hardcore fan – I don’t know all of his songs or lyrics so don’t judge me ok u self righteous slim shady wannabe punks. To those who asked, my favourites of all favourite songs are none other than Not Afraid/Lose Yourself and Sing for the moment. U happy now? Hahahaha. I’m so easily distracted.

Need I say more? It’s Barry Allen.

I guess that’s the end of my ultimate embarrassment and I can’t wait to be even more embarrassing, not. I have yet to explain why I chose the current url but I think I’ll leave it to the next time when I feel more on-form to type lengthy posts and sound more serious. I’m also still working on the page layout….. bear w me plssss.

If you didn’t enjoy this post, you’re normal. If you did, you a damn masochist.


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