Phases of My Brows

Eyebrows shape your face and I bet you all girls are gonna agree with this. I just never knew how important brows were until now. I thought it’d be interesting to share some photos of the stages of my brows. I have been getting questions about what products I use for my brows and all that but I can tell u I went through a hell of a journey. I’ll share below~

My sparse brows w no tail makes it frustrating for me to go to the beauty shops cuz the aunties will always say “Bobian, must pluck like that otherwise not nice” and I end up with either a very thin ahlian brow or a super arched, short and thick brow. DAMN JIALAT. Since then I decided to take care of my brows on my own and it has been nothing but great.

The Raw Brows

raw brows

This was in 2011 – I was 17 & in JC. I was also wearing braces. Hahahaha. Eh don’t judge, at this point nobody thought brows were that important ok!!!!!! Look at 17yo girls now, their brows damn on point please. Hais.

raw brows 1

I WAS SO SKINNY… FML……. So good to be young. Girls, if you’re 17-20, please cherish it. T_T fuccccck. Ok, the point is only my brows. See. They looked so sad.
After leaving JC, I could start putting on make-up full blast so I decided to fill in my brows and it was just wrong………

The Just-Wrong Brows

It is tweezed, it is shaped, it is filled in. But it is just wrongly done in every way possible.

Just Wrong

The shape is weird, I can’t tell if it’s arched or straight. But people learn and grow.

Or so I thought.

The Failed Korean Brows


Trying very hard with the korean make up back in 2012… Omg i’m such a trendsetter. LOL I was already wearing gradient lips 4 YEARS BACK OK YALL LOSE ALR. I rmb meeting a friend back then and he was like “Eh u dunno how to wear lipstick ah”

But ok, the brows still damn fail because IT IS NOT STRAIGHT!!!! It is sad.

The Calligraphy Brows

Still 2012. After dealing with thick and not straight brows, I wanted a clearer canvas (my face) so I tweezed them thinner and “straighter”. But it ended up looking like two calligraphy strokes across a canvas.


One word: CUI. Still think I damn chio last time. Horrible.

The Too-Much Brows

Now it’s 2013 and Korean brand Stylenanda was on the rise – all blogshops were copying them (lol including my own wahahaha) and thick brows were popular again…. So… I kinda overdid it.

Too much

DAMN BUSHY. I’m not saying it’s ugly, but it doesn’t fit my facial features at all. If you wanna pull off the thick and bushy brows look, you gotta have a shorter distance between a protruding brow bone and a pair of deep-set eyes. Think Cara, Jane Chuck and siambu’s.

The Better Korean Brows

… Finally. It is now 2014 and I had finally mastered Korean brows (kidding). I got better at shaping it so that it is kinda straighter and also used eyebrow mascaras (SO IMPORTANT).


But soon I was sick of it.

My Current Brows

So so so much better. I’m happy with my brows now – the way I draw them I mean.

Lol and I kinda miss my septum piercing D: Oh i removed it cos I was going for interviews n stuff so it’s like most of the time I gotta hide it… Damn gaowei so I decided to just take it off. But i’ll just go get it re-pierced when I want it again anyways :p


Anyway I hardly took selfies for a period of time so I can’t really find any selfies lol until recently :p

If these are normal selfies to u…


I have so many selfie snap videos I wanna include but I’m a little lazy to get it sorted out on how to embed my short snap vids into this wordpress shit without upgrading my plan (wtf bloodsuckers wordpress is). So gimme some time and I’ll do a post on my vids next time.

Products I use

As for the products I use, I have stuck to Kate for a long long time, a few years alr – you can find them at most Watsons stores. Below are the 2 products I use every single day~~~


I use the BR-5 and it is about $11/pc I think? Sometimes there are promos at Watsons like Buy 2 get 1 n all that, so yea.

On top of that, I use the powder at times to do the gradient near my T-zone, which is the front of each brow. Always alwaysssss do a gradient – you don’t want it to look chunky right from the start unless they are single streaks and strands of brows. Unless you’re doing embroidery/using liners to draw the strands, I don’t recommend you piling everything right at the front of each brow. You’ll look like shin chan as I did years ago.


I bought this once to try and the stick has finished (i bought the slimmer stick) but the powder hasn’t (bottom applicator) so I’m still using it to do the gradient. I’ll prob be too lazy to get a powder cake after, so I’ll just use eyeshadow in the future.

And as to the eyebrow mascaras, I use the ones from Etude House but I get them on Qoo10 cuz it’s way cheaper. I only use the mascaras when I wanna do a full Korean make-up or if my hair colour is light.



And nope, I have never done embroidery before and probably wouldn’t because I change my style day to day. So it’ll be difficult to stick to one embroidered style of brows haha.

OKAY IM NO MAKEUP GURU BUT THIS IS MY JOURNAYEEEEEE. I’m working on a few posts lately but we’ll see 😛

Also, stay tuned to Gregory Shampoo‘s Facebook and YouTube tomorrow (Sunday, 4th Sept 2016) at 7PM!!!! We did a Horoscope vid collab and it is my first time acting after 3 years (I was a super bad actor but…) and Gregory was very patient with me and guided me. We had fun. It’ll be released then. So stay tuneddddd 😀 Teehee.

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