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9 Signs He Probably Just Doesn’t Like You Enough

I had a conversation with one of my colleagues (K) recently and she said something that was very true. She mentioned that if a guy really likes you, he would make it obvious and he would let you know – there should not be any form of guessing, at all. This is one thing that had never crossed my mind before.

For girls like me, who tend to be more straightforward with how we feel – we hate games, and trust me guys, there are girls around who seriously hate playing mind games. We are straightforward with how we feel and we see no point in hiding it. So we tend to take your words for it and not doubt you. But at the end of the day, we are the ones who get hurt. We become “the naive ones” and we become “too forthcoming”.

If you ever have to guess how he’s feeling about you, he probably just doesn’t like you enough to express it.

Singapore As I See It, 2015.

1. He says he’s not one to express.

Trust me, we always find excuses for people we like. We are convinced that they like us enough to be even dropping hints… But when you push the button, he says he’s not one to express. He’s just “not good with words”. Or maybe, he prefers to “show it”.


2. He shies away from your questions.

When you’ve finally gathered enough courage to ask him how he feels about you, he avoids it. He avoids any commitment-related questions at all costs. He changes the subject or simply shies away. He does not want to answer your question. And that isn’t because he’s not ready for it, or because he’s “just very tired” – he doesn’t like you enough to be forthcoming about how he feels.


3. He’s always busy.

Whether it’s simple things like replying your texts or committing to dates planned ahead, he never has time – in fact he just never has time for you. You see him on social media, you see him doing things, but you don’t get your replies.


4. His replies are patronising.

You know what I mean – You can’t ever hold a proper conversation with him. If your guy has ever replied “nothin much” when you asked him what he’s so busy with, he’s probably just really not that interested in spending that extra few seconds typing to you what he spent his time on. If the majority of your conversation with your guy revolves around a boring conversation of “what you up to”…. This leads me to the next point.


5. He doesn’t open up.

He’s seeing you but somehow on his every social media, the things he posts lean along the line of being emotionally affected and clouded by something you really have no idea about.
When you ask him if he had a bad day, he doesn’t open up. I understand that some people are more private in a sense and don’t feel comfortable sharing things – but I can tell you a majority of human beings tend to confide in people they trust, and feel for.

If he texts you after a bad day at work and doesn’t try to hold a conversation or confide in you even when you ask, he’s probably not that into you.


6. He doesn’t share his happy moments with you.

Simple things like meeting up with an old friend or coming across something really interesting – you’re not the first person he wants to share it with…. He probably doesn’t like you enough.

I don’t know about you but I would be so comfortable with someone I like a lot, and I would want him to know what happened and what things made me happy. I would want to share the interesting things I come across with him.


7. You keep guessing.

Do you think he’s just really an introvert?” “What if he really likes me but he’s just not ready?

You’re not too sure if he’s into you. You’re not too sure what the two of you mean. You’re not too sure what you’re even doing with him. You’re not too sure why you’re even seeing him. You keep asking your friends about it to reaffirm your thoughts about your relationship with him. Are you in an open relationship? Are you seeing him for real? Are you guys really together?


8. You find yourself giving excuses for the things he fail to offer or commit to.

He’s too busy for a dinner. He must be really tired from work. He must be really having fun with his friends. He must be really studying hard right now for his exams. He must have had a long night yesterday that he couldn’t wake up to meet me today. It’s okay, he’s just having fun – he’s still young. He must be ….

Girl, he must be.. not that into you.


9. He has casually showed signs of commitment; just not towards you.

He has casually mentioned he would marry a type of woman – just not you. He has casually expressed his desire for settling down – just never brought up settling down with you. He has mentioned his plans for his future abode, how he wants his room and house to be, what car he wants to drive – just not with you in the picture.





These are all little hints that we, as women, have to pick up. One shows the most about oneself in little casual conversations. That’s when one isn’t thinking too much about what to say or how to react. And that’s exactly when you can tell what one is really thinking.

If he has showed little signs of interest in settling down and just never brought it up with you in the picture, trust me, he doesn’t feel confident enough that you are the one he likes – or likes enough to settle with. And for you to even second-guess how he’s feeling about you, he probably doesn’t affirm you enough. The one thing about guys is that they’re mostly hunters; they like to hunt, prey on and chase after women they like. If they’re not expressive as they should be, you’re probably just finding excuses for him and for yourself.

I truly believe that deep down, one knows very well of the situation. It is just how much one wants to be in denial or to accept.


I recently did my hair at Hairpage Underground – a newly opened hair salon by a team of very experienced hair stylists. My stylist is Eric and I wrote a short review on the entire experience whilst at the salon. Eric styled my hair to perfection but sadly I didn’t manage to get a clear photo! Thankfully I still have an image of the snap to share with y’all. Haha. And I heard someone went to the studio after my review – I hope it was a good experience! 🙂 Do share with me if you’re reading this!


The overall was really great; they were absolutely professional and attentive. To top it off, the atmosphere & ambience was awesome – so cozy and comfy. I can’t wait to go back to do another treatment for my hair – but I really haven’t had much time at all. T-T I need to take care of my health. But anyways, have a happy weekend! 🙂

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