Types of Singaporean F*ckboys

Okay, I never actually thought I’d have to write a disclaimer because I assumed people would know what I’m talking about. But anyways, dear Singaporean men that we Singaporean ladies love, please do not take offence. I am writing about the types of Singaporean Fuckboys, not the types of Singaporean men I’ve come across. And rude ass dudes, hold your horses with the personal slurs, take a chill pill, sit back, relax, and go get a life. Don’t read my wordpress if you’re offended about me “talking about you” when I don’t even know you. Don’t be surprised to know that there are men who actually read this and agree, or are fine with what I wrote – because they know I’m not talking about guys generally, but fuckboys specifically. Why are you so angry!? Lol whut.

And a little dating advice: whatever nasty comment you leave here is a reflection of the kind of person you are. 😉

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I hate to say this but I have come across so many wrong guys. I’ve made the worst decisions ever when it comes to choosing someone as a partner, be it a date or whatnot. By “wrong” I do not mean they’re evil human beings. They’re just guys who weren’t interested in working things out, at least with me. Such guys come in all sorts of forms, shapes, sizes and background.

By f*ckboys, I do not literally mean they’d definitely sleep around or anything like that. It is the fact that they aren’t ready, and probably will never be when it comes to you, but still isn’t guilty of wasting your time. These guys won’t tell you straight up like it is.

1. The Victim

If the first thing he tells you is how heartbroken he was during the last relationship.. How he was cheated on, lied to and scarred by his previous dates.. RUN. PLEASE. PACK YA BAGS AND RUN.

If he is so absorbed in his own sob stories even when he’s already meeting someone new (to be exact, YOU), there is a 99.9% chance that he is emotionally unavailable. He is just not ready. And as much as he will be happy to be in your arms, he is also as happy as being in anyone’s… And not being in anyone’s. Simplified: this guy just ain’t ready. He’s just lonely.

2. The Romantic

The cutie-pie you wish was yours. But he’s also pretty average, making him to be the perfect boy-next-door you know you’d feel secure with. To top it off, he makes you feel like you’re the only one in his eyes. But also, not forgetting to remind you how many girls are in the queue… Upon the first 2 dates, he has already said he would love to marry you. He makes travel plans 6 months ahead with you… But of course, just verbal plans (lol).

All those words but has never once initiated to take you out for a good dinner. Never makes plans to do things you’d like to do with you. You mentioned an exhibition you wanted to see but all he said is “Oh”. Girl, trust me….. No guy who wants to be serious with you would tell you he wants to live with you by the second date.

3. The Hypebeasty + cool Instagram feed social media dude

Let’s not forget the ultimate package that comes with a flannel shirt / nude shade outerwear / oversized t-shirts + ripped jeans + small ringed earrings + dad/baseball caps + sneakers. And some group dab photos outside clubs that caption “#squadgoals“. Or occasional rap lyrics with them smokin’ rokok.
This type also has a sub-unit: some claim they’re low profile (with not many followers). But the only low profile thing is you in their lives.

All they talk about is how they failed to secure a pair of SGD 400 sneakers on said websites. I’m sorry it is not my fault I don’t trust guys like that. I don’t trust guys who try so hard to look good but insist they don’t. There’s no fault in wanting to look good but the least is to embrace that side of you.

4. The “What-you-see-is-what-you-get” guy

He has always put it out there to you that THIS IS WHO HE IS. He doesn’t try to impress you – and similarly, you’re not very much impressed. You just like him, but he thinks you are obsessed. And accepts your love anyway.

He kind of knows he is a douche but he kind of wants to play nice. He kind of wants to be honest about not being ready, but he kind of feels lonely and does not want to admit it. Nobody deserves someone who just kind-of wants to be with you. Make. Up. Your. Fucking. Mind.

Or at the very least, have the balls to say you don’t want this half-assed relationship.

5. The Mature Working Singaporean Man

He’s not like the rest. He is mature and he gives you great advice. He tells you to be serious about your work. He encourages you to work hard and fight for what you want. He’s also 100% supportive of the plans you have for your future.

Except that he’s shady af.

Him having a different lifestyle… Or say, much more mature lifestyle as compared to yours, sets a difference. He MIAs sometimes and claims he’s busy… And he has actually met the other girl he mentioned… Wait, didn’t you guys started dating way before he got to know this new girl (who’s not his colleague or friend) BUT he has somehow MET her already… And when you ask him, he says “nah just did lunch because she works nearby” yeah….. Shade is real. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but I’m sure he has colleagues. AND other legit friends to meet for lunch.



I hope you Singaporean girls enjoyed this post! I’m sorry I can’t write something for the guys since I don’t have much experience coming across the way girls date… But know that us girls still appreciate y’all nice guys out there. 😉

And girls, don’t be disheartened, while I am writing this post, I have actually met the nicest guys out there and trust me, once you know how to sieve out such guys, you’ll stop wasting your time on them. And that’s how you meet people you deserve. 🙂 I’m still working on that though! Haha. And it’s going to be a really busy week ahead with me working on both weekends until Dec ends… (welcome 2017 lol) I’m not sure if I’ll be able to churn out another vlog for my YouTube this week….. but anyway, follow me on Facebook to stay updated. 🙂

Have an awesome week ahead, y’all!