Thank you, 2016.

This post came late as I spent the entire of the last day of 2016 in bed – I was down with food poisoning, and am starting to feel better only now. So yes, I kinda missed the timing to thank everyone who’s here for the past year… But better late than never! Heehee 😉

2016 was a year of transitions, like I’ve said so many times, on so many platforms. Like every cliché  EOY thank-you messages, I am grateful for everyone who stood by me for the past year(s) and everyone else who has gracefully made an entrance in my life within the past year. It was not an easy year, with loads of chaotic crap happening, along with myself rushing through my FYP, and then graduating… And finally, being employed & still in the midst of learning the ways to adulting.

I feel like I can’t summarise just 2016 itself. It is every other year before that helped shape me to who and what I am today. For that, I thank everyone I’ve crossed paths with – whether you’re a lesson, or a blessing – I am equally grateful. But I gotta give my close friends more credit.

S & YT

Thank you for being there for me since we were young and stupid. Since we were all crazy over the same idols together. I will never forget the crazy times we have (seriously, every time we meet we do fun and stupid things)… and I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you girls. Thank you for accepting me for who I am although the 3 of us are so different. I know I am a little wild compared to the 2 of u, but thank you for never judging me and my decisions. Thank you for loving me as much as I love the both of you. We come in a bundle, remember? :p

Whoever loves me has to love the both of you the same. Just remember that I will always be here for the both of you, I’ll always have your backs.



Bruh, thank you for being the best brudder one can ever have. 🙂 Thank you for being there unconditionally and sometimes, I know I get irritated and have an attitude, but thank you for always tolerating me. Thank you for being silly and funny. Thank you for always caring for me regardlessly. Thank you for the times you helped me with my FYP and made sure it was successful. Thank you for being proud of me like I am of you!

But still, I can’t work with you because of all our inside jokes.. Fuck this. Hahaha. I’ll never not laugh when I’m with u man.

Love you bro! xx



Another man in my life who has made it difficult for me to not be reliant. Thank you for the times you showered me with all the care and concern one can ever have. Thank you for never being stingy. Always bringing me to places with good food. Thank you for being really sweet when I know you can be an asshole.

Thank you for the times you dapao food for me and sending me home even though you yourself had a long day at work. I love the conversations we’ve had with each other. The times you made me see things clearer, the times you made me wake up, and all the advice you’ve given me whether it’s work related or some personal stuff.. 🙂

Thank you for tolerating my bad temper.


JM, V, Z

Thank you my khakis for being there for me especially when it comes to beer. Thinking about it, we’ve hung out for the past 1.5 years (and counting)! It felt like I just got to know Z yesterday through V and JM. We haven’t met each other and had a drink together for almost 3 months now. I miss you guys very much.

Thank you for always being so nice to me and tolerating my fickle-mindedness. Thank you for turning up every time I jio so last minute. Thank you for sending me home all the time. Thank you for always compromising when y’all are tired already and still saying Ok to my “ONE MORE TOWER LEH” hahahaha. I miss y’all. Let’s hang soon xx



Thank you my silly girl for being there for me when I was a broke-ass fuck. Thank you for showering me with love so unconditionally and most importantly, sincerely. Thank you for waiting for me all the time. Thank you for still being there even though I’ve gotten really busy. I love you xoxo

Thank you for never judging and loving me all the same. I don’t exactly love your nagging but thank you for caring so much. Hehehe. Love you most.



Of course, I didn’t address everyone who’s important in my life here. But that doesn’t mean you’re forgotten. Also, some new ones Ive met this year, who hv suddenly become so important in my life.

In 2017, I hope to be a better person, to achieve more, and to be happier. I want to love and be loved as much as I did this year. I want to give more than I take this year. I want to smile more than I did in 2016. I want to appreciate more than I did. I want to feel more than I did.

Starting this wordpress has allowed me to embrace the flaws I had. In the past, I could never talk about my problems to anyone because of how emotionally detached I was. I felt like being upset or sad was a weakness. I felt that if I showed this side to anyone, it would seem like I am weak, which was why I never really had the habit of telling anyone how emotional I was. I tried to switch that side off, which I successfully did in the past years. But it didn’t make me any happier. I felt more suffocated and depressed. Writing and expressing my emotions through my WordPress has become an important outlet – this not only aided me in letting go of what I feel, but also allowed me to make some real connections with people I don’t even personally know.

I’ve received messages on and off by people who felt like they could relate to my posts and my emotions. I truly appreciate that, and by no means was this a one-sided thing. As much as it has helped you to relate and feel better, it has also made me feel a lot better knowing I am not alone. As much as this has helped you, it has helped me even more. So, I am grateful for all the courage taken on your side to approach me and let me know how you feel. I am thankful for every single thing that has happened this year (well except for the food poisoning lol!).

I have no resolutions for the year of 2017, I just want to be better and do more. 🙂

May all of you be happier and loved in 2017.

With love,

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