If You Walked into 2017 Single

Accompanied by pretty fireworks and awesome friends, yet you still feel all alone walking into 2017 single.

I know how that feels. You have almost everything, but you don’t have that one person to share your happiness with. Don’t be disheartened. Let this be a great start for yourself in the year of 2017.

I came across a lot of articles saying how we should start thinking for ourselves in the year of 2017 – i.e. to be selfish. I beg to differ. You’ve tied yourself up with so many expectations one should meet – whether it’s school, career or relationship related. Now it’s time to cut yourself some slack, let yourself breathe freely and live happily.

Let 2017 be the year of giving.

Let yourself free, free from expectations and calculations. When you can, give. Keep giving. Give more than you take.

Let it be the year for you to realise things on your own. When you expect less and give more without asking for anything back, you’ll feel way happier as an individual. At least that’s what I’ve done and learnt in 2016. With a similar mindset, I’m going into 2017.

Don’t keep anyone out.

Everyone has had their own sets of disappointments and disheartening experiences. Everyone has been a victim. This is no good reason to keep anyone new out of your life. Let nature take its own course.

Don’t keep anyone out of your life on purpose. If they come knocking on your door, let them in. Trust me, nothing happens for no good reason.

When it’s time, let them out.

Similarly, should anyone feel for a reason to exit your life, let them. Don’t stop them.

Whatever happens has a good reason. Sometimes, things fall apart so better things can fall together. That’s what I believe. And only through exits will there be vacancies to accept new and better things.

Do things for others.

And also for yourself. If doing something makes someone you love happy, it’ll make you happy. Being selfish and calculative on little things won’t make you any happier. Keep an open heart and an open mind. When you can, do it.

Don’t feel sorry

for things which are beyond your control. Don’t apologise just to please. Don’t bow down if it’s not your fault.

Let your heart feel what it has to feel.

Don’t keep your emotions inside. Don’t lock yourself up and out of what you’re meant to feel. If you’re meant to feel it, let your heart go free and feel it.

Feel a 100%. Love a 100%. Give a 100%. Be loved a 100%.

Let this year be a fulfilling year with experiences you’ve never allowed yourself to enjoy. Let this year be a year of goals, achievements and fulfilled promises. Let this year be the year that you’ll put in a 100%. Give things a shot and don’t be stingy with your attempts. Let this year be the year to accept apologies and live without holding any grudges.

Let go and forgive. Love, and you’ll be loved.


  1. Feel a 100%. Love a 100%. Give a 100%. Be loved a 100%.

    Thank you! Honestly I have never thought of ‘walking in to a new year alone’ as it has been this way for me for years. But this is meaningful.

    Liked by 1 person

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