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Which Character are You in this Game of Love?

Love is a different game for everyone.

People talk about how it difficult it is to find love in today’s society. With all that this digital age has to offer, positive or negative – it’s getting even harder to filter out who is sincere and who isn’t.. Who’s suitable and who’s just putting on a facade.

But the truth is beyond all these requirements and standards that we’ve set when looking for that particular someone, are we even playing the same game?


If love is a fatal game to you, you’re the Protected.


You’re insecure. You lack confidence as a person, as a lover, as an attractive individual. You don’t partake in mind games and playing hard to get. You don’t want to waste your time on the wrong person so you are very very careful with who you interact with. You only have messages from that one person on your phone if you even ever pick it up to check it in a day.

All you want is just that one person, no matter how he or she looks. That one person who can accept and love you for who you are. The one person who never cares about how good supermodels look. The one who is never superficial. The one who sees your heart instead of how you look.

Don’t waste your precious time on the wrong ones. Don’t wish for things and people you know you won’t eventually want, be realistic. But at the same time, don’t forget to remind yourself that in every individual, there is always a kind soul and heart to love. You are no different. Stop comparing society’s standards and place this upon yourself. Let loose and remember how special you are.

Remember that you’re beautiful, regardless of all flaws. Remember that the only limit is yourself and what you tell yourself you cannot be. Be confident and go pursue the one you want. Stop protecting yourself like a baby.

Stop sitting around and waiting for people to make the move. Be bold and go get yourself some love. Like everything else in life, love only comes to those who want enough to fight for it.



If love is like a vast map with places unexplored, you’re the Free Spirit.


Every time a friend sees you, you’re with a different date. You couldn’t care less about the conventional ways to love. You don’t care if he or she truly loves you – well, in fact you do think “love” is too much of a word. You care about the quality time both of you spend together. You care about the conversations and the interactions.

You are not concerned by the fact that you cannot stay committed because you know you’re embracing what you truly are. It’s not that you won’t ever settle down, it’s just never “the right time“. You think that love should set people free, and make you happy, and hence you want to have the time of your life and just see whoever makes you happy.

Don’t be bothered by the fact that everyone else is getting married, settling down and having kids. Don’t be bothered that love may never come your way. Continue believing in what makes you happy, and fight for it.

Another reason you’re the free spirit is because you have other things you prioritise – it may be career, your family, your passion, or even your dog. It is okay that love does not come first in your life. Because remember, in life, love does not only happen romantically. It is in everything you can find passion in.

You shouldn’t feel sorry for people you’ve unintentionally hurt – they’re just playing a different game.

If love is like your need for oxygen, you’re the Warrior.


Beyond a survivor, is a fighter. Just like your need for oxygen – you need love to survive and you’ll fight for it until you have it. You want companionship and that one to love. You don’t care if he or she loves you. You are obsessively in love with the idea of love.

You fight for the one you love so very fiercely. You aren’t afraid of being judged for all the things you can do for that very one you love. You’re the warrior for the love of your life because you know that holds tightly onto your future.

Don’t be afraid of being who you are. Just remember to weigh if it is ever worth it. If who you’re fighting for is truly the deserving one, you’ll reap all the rewards love can ever offer. And who’s to say what’s worth it?

Continue being the fierce lover, protecting and fighting for that one thing and person that’s truly yours. It will all work out one day.

Some Updates

I haven’t been writing as regularly as I had wished. I’ve still been the same ol’ me, just that at this point, I do have a lot more I’d love to share on this platform. It’s just not the right time yet. Keep watching this space, and one day you’ll understand.

A lot of things have changed, and of which, many are still changing. Priorities. Decisions. Thoughts. Perceptions. But I’m still trying to work things out. I’m still surviving, fighting. But I want to keep this space going. I want to keep writing. I want to keep taking photos. They make me feel alive, so much more than anything else could ever offer.

Nothing else on earth can ever be comparable to the satisfaction and happiness I get out of writing things I mean and taking photos of people I love. I keep forgetting that. 

Recently I’ve gained quite a consistent following on Instagram, and people are actually constantly checking this space out, which I truly appreciate. Nothing more I could ever ask for. I get messages encouraging me to write more, saying that the things I’ve written are relatable to them. And this is something I still stand by, so strongly – that I do not want to write for money. I will not write any content here just for money, or for any commercial usage. I will not write things here just to push for any commercial purpose.

It makes me sick.

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