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Ad monetisation is passé; You can now earn just by chatting

WhatsApp Payments has recently announced its Request Money feature going live in India – it’s basically a peer-to-peer payment method within the app itself. However, it’s only available on Android now, and it’s still on beta.

Moving in a similar direction, Telegram has also made it possible for users to make direct purchase through chatbots within the app last year.

It may seem like we have taken a huge step forward with the integration of social networking apps with payment methods; however, there still lies one problem.

Everyday Users Cannot Monetise Their Chat Activity

At present, no chat applications allow you, the average messenger user, to earn or be rewarded for your activity and engagement on the app.

Think about it – you spend every single day texting someone. Be it on WhatsApp with friends, Telegram groups, or Slack for work – you always have a messenger on your mobile. Imagine if you could be incentivised for those engagements on the app.

Send Texts = Get Cryptocoins?

What if there is an actual mobile application that rewards you with cryptocurrency for a group chat you create – it could be family group chats, social groups/communities, or even just to share memes.

Imagine for every group chat with quality users (not spammers and dummy accounts), all of you will get to earn a percentage of cryptocurrency every month. Would you use it?

I would. It’s a typical mindset today – if I were to spend that much time on my WhatsApp and not get anything in return, I would want an app like that that will be able to reward me for the time and activity I have done within the app itself. Think about forums and Telegram groups. That may seem far-fetched, especially with the slow development of payment methods and transaction capabilities within apps today (considering the speed of our tech development).

The Future is Here

Consentium is the very first app that would reward everyday users with its cryptocurrency for the group chats or community groups they create on the app.

I know – cryptocurrency isn’t the easiest thing to understand, but it is basically a digital currency based on the blockchain platform, which is super secure, and works on a trustless service. I will further explain blockchain and cryptocurrency next week, but for now, you just need to understand that cryptocurrency is of value.

What happens on Consentium is special – it is not only targeted at the masses, people like you and me. We still hold day jobs, we still have hobbies. So what does this mean?

If you’re a content creator, you are able to create quality content (stickers etc) and put them up as premium content which have to be unlocked with additional payment. With the app being an e-wallet, conversions and transactions between BTC/ETH/CSM would be made available.

If you’re a business owner, you will be able to integrate your online store and start selling within the platform. You can also engage your customers in a group chat! Similarly, apply this to influencers, celebrities and thought leaders – you are “paying” them for their attention. This means you’ll be able to reach them directly too, and also have more of their attention if there are incentives.

Earn Some Free Consentium Coins Now Before It Launches

If I were you, I would immediately create MyEtherWallet (takes less than 5 minutes) to ready myself for some free cryptocoins. All you need is your social media accounts, click some buttons, and you’ll get Consentium coins!

How to participate?

  1. Be on Telegram
  2. Prepare your MyEtherWallet address (a string of numbers and alphabets)
  3. Prepare your social media accounts
  4. Start a conversation with the bot here.
  5. The bot will provide the remaining instructions. 😉

Additional resources:

Join the Telegram group for more information. I’m also the admin on the chat (@coldcokes), so feel free to hit me up if you have questions about the bounty programme or how to purchase Consentium coins (CSM), as the token sale is launching tomorrow 20th April at 2pm (GMT+8) on its official site.

Follow me on Twitter @cryptocokes!

You can get 1 CSM for just US$0.25. 😉



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