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You’d rather be the fool in love and that’s okay

Let’s just put it out there – You’re a hopeless romantic. You would do anything and everything for that very one person and this is exactly why you are very careful about who you invest your time and effort in.

Nobody’s a saint.

Firstly, let me remind you that nobody is a saint. Need I say more?

Your friends call you stupid.

For making the worst decisions. But don’t let this make you feel less. Everyone has such moments.

In fact, I think you’re brave. I think you’re fighting for what you want. You’re bold to fight for things you know you want and this is something not everyone else can bring themselves to do. Some would rather walk away and wonder for life if the person would ever change. You want to know, only because you believe and have faith.

Some people call it stupidity, but I call it bravery. You’d fight until there’s no longer anything worth fighting for so at the end of the day, you have no regrets, and you would not hold back to leave when necessary.

Capped forgiveness

You are a hopeless romantic, but like everyone else, there’s always a limit.

You may be able to find excuses for what someone else has done wrong, to allow yourself to forgive time and again. But one day, you will run out of excuses so much so that the logical and rational side of you sees it clearly.

You know you’re worth so very much more.

But until then, you want to be loved – and the only way to getting there is to love.

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