September Updates!

With my previous article, I have received a lot of messages – good and bad, and trust me, I read every single one of them. But I wouldn’t say any comments were bad. I wrote it and left it open for discussion because I really wanted to know what other people thought. So in all, I am thankful for all the interest and comments. I’m also thankful for the coverage and mentions on Mothership, Girlstyle and 987fm. But let’s move on.

At this point, a lot of things are happening right now in my life and I thought I’d use this opportunity to mention a few of them.

Last Saturday, I’m happy to mention that I received the long service award (of 3 years) for my volunteer work at Hey BELLE – SHINE Children and Youth Services’ program. Hey BELLE is a female-focused youth program which has many different activities to allow female youths to be engaged after school hours, pick up skills, and at the same time, give back to the society by being one of the BELLE crew/friends. My involvement was mostly based on the photog/video services I provided whenever their dance crew have performances. Do check it out if you’re interested in giving back to the society. I’d like to write about this in detail soon. In the meantime, you may read this, this and this. And yes, the founder of the program is my sister and I am extremely proud of her and what she’s done thus far.

Moving forward, I’d be streaming live on Helo app (download on your app store/playstore) every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday at 8.30pm SGT. Things I’ll be talking about would be cryptocurrency, blockchain, ICO projects, as well as relationship topics – dating apps (what makes you attractive) etc. I’ve been streaming for awhile now, so if you haven’t, please download Helo and follow me @coldcokes to listen in! I’ll always do a session on Helo and Instagram live right after. So follow me on Ig and Helo! The past few sessions have been pretty interactive and fun, so join us!!

For the last update – people out of the crypto sphere would not know this but next week is Singapore Blockchain week (soooo many events). I’ll be going to Consensus Singapore and a few more events as one of the reps from Novum Capital. We’re a blockchain advisory firm as well as a seed investment fund (accelerator/incubator). If you’re also in the industry and would like to explore ways to collaborate, please hit me up anywhere you can find me – IG/LinkedIn/Tinder/CMB (lol jk). Let’s meet up and talk more!

Finally, I’d like to thank you for reading my article and for leaving comments. I’m still reading and approving them. Thank you for sharing with me your personal stories too! I really really appreciate it. 🙂

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