Water the right seeds

After 26 years of my life, I guess I have finally acknowledged that I was wrong. I grew up knowing friends made the bulk of my life. They have always been the pillar of support for me, besides my family.

However as I grew older, I guess people change and people leave. When I was leaving school, I lost some friends I thought were for life. And at a young age, I learnt the hard way to never trust even the closest of friends whom you’d do anything for. I learnt that some would be so ready to abandon you in times of need to save themselves. And these have all shaped me into thinking that a new friend would always come around.

And having that said, I am blessed. I truly am. I never realised how important my friends have been to me until today. Within the last 2 years, I have also come to realise that if it’s meant to be, it is. I have learnt that the best of friends will always find their way back to each other, and nothing would be able to tear them apart.

I have also, very interestingly, learnt that my parents adore my friends so very much. I have never brought anyone home until this week and my parents have started to become so cheerful hanging with my friends, asking me when they’d come over. I almost forgot how it feels when I was growing up, when my sister would always have her friends at ours to stay the night. We would play together, hang out together. The camaraderie I have been missing and which, in the past, I never really had to call my own.

Water the right seeds.

While I was blinded, busy working on something else that never wanted me, I have been missing out on all the pockets of time I could have had with others who appreciate and would want to spend their time with me.

I gave so much love, dedication and care to something which never wanted it. Still, it never bloomed and all it did was to make me forget who I really am, what I really deserve. Just imagine what would happen if I gave as much to those who actually want and deserve it.

Someone said that it’s actually a very liberating feeling to be your own person, and while I honestly thought it would have taken longer for me to feel that, but I do feel it now.

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