What to Do if Your Nudes or Sex Videos are Leaked, Used for Blackmail

As a continuation from this incident, I have created a new post solely on things you could do to protect yourself and help authorities (and potentially other victims) to catch these perpetrators.

How to protect yourself and what you can do:

  1. Be safe and remember that anything on the digital realm will most likely exist forever. Check your privacy settings on social media and storage platforms such as Telegram, iCloud, etc. Turn on your 2FA.
  2. Check social media guidelines on how to get posts removed, if you don’t want to pursue it legally.
    1. Tiktok Guidelines
    2. Tumblr Guidelines
    3. Instagram Guidelines
    4. Facebook Guidelines
    5. Twitter Guidelines
    6. Mega Guidelines
  3. Report the content on respective platforms, but remember that with over tens of thousands of reports almost everyday, it will take awhile before content is removed. There will also be almost zero penalty to the person sharing or circulating these as they would most likely be anonymous accounts. One thing to know is that while the content is removed, users can still create a new account and distribute the same exact content. It could also lead to them opening accounts on other encrypted platforms for file sharing- such as Telegram and Mega.
  4. If you get harassed, gather information/collect data and then execute Step 5. Don’t respond to it. Chances are if the content are out in the open, they are already out in the open. Do NOT give in to extortion. It will just find its way into other groups, platforms, etc.
  5. File a police report with SPF online with as much evidence as you can.
    Screenshot usernames, track user profiles, and if possible, get the person’s mobile number or any information you can possibly have of him/her in the real world. Full name/mobile number/paylah accounts etc are sufficient to find out who this person is. Unless you have information on who the person is, there’s hardly anything the police can do.
  6. If nothing is done or nobody was held accountable despite you offering the individual on a platter to the popo, escalate this and write in to the Chief of Police /MP/ etc with a proper detailed breakdown of the (1) evidence you have gathered, (2) timeline of harassment incidents, (3) how nobody was held accountable despite your collection of data. Also a proven method, only if you have enough information though.

I’ve also included Mega’s takedown guidelines as I personally saw such content being sold and mainly distributed through Mega, an end-to-end encrypted storage and file transfer platform. While it is fully encrypted, their policy indicates that such content is still removable and they may be able to disclose user data and information to authorities upon request. This means that if you have the link to the folder or files they are sending that you would like to report, filing a police report instead of a content report might lead to Mega disclosing this user’s information to the authorities.

Capturing Evidence

  • Social Media: What you can do is to save their social platforms’ usernames and profile IDs. Copy their links, take screenshots of their messages, especially those that include threat and blackmail.
    If they are on Telegram, BLOCK them. Even if they change or remove their usernames, you can still track their profiles, unless they delete the account entirely. Access it in Settings > Privacy Settings > Blocked Users. Remember to adjust your privacy settings to hide your profile photo, contact number, etc from everyone.
    If your files are on Google Drive, right click on folder/file > view details > look at folder owner. Save the share link to the drive and submit this to the police.
  • Website: (1) Save both the post and profile links. (2) Take a PDF screenshot of the URL with this chrome extension, save the PDF file for future usage. (3) IMPORTANT: Go to waybackmachine, paste the URL of the page, and if there isn’t already an archive on the waybackmachine, hit “Save This Page”. This will ensure that even after the page is removed at some point, we can always come back here to refer to the old content just by keying in the URL. While it is obvious, do note that if you use the waybackmachine, it means content will be archived forever. So don’t do this if you don’t want it to be there forever.

What Happens When You File a Police Report

I have filed police reports a few times, mostly about harassments and threats; dialed 999 once for an emergency situation. So I think I can briefly run through what happens for those who are worried of these situations being escalated. If it isn’t an emergency, no, the police will not appear at your door lol.

There are 2 ways to file a report:

  1. Dropping by the nearest police station
  2. File a report online with your SingPass

If you are filing a report online, you will receive a call back from the police station (depending on your assigned Divisional Investigation Branch and Investigation Officer) within possibly the next 24 hours. Usually pretty fast, could be within the day as well. The assigned IO will drop a call to clarify and understand your report and situation better, they might also call you a few more times to understand what is going on. If they are able to find out more information or contact the culprit, you will be given an update via a call. You will also receive an email of the report you have made along with the police report number.

If you are filing it at the station, it is like in the shows where you sit at the counter and explain your situation to the police officers on duty. They will be typing out your report for you (as you would do yourself if it was an online report) and you might have to wait for awhile as they try to get more information settled. If you already have the person’s information such as mobile number, they can immediately identify who this person is and if is a serious threat, the IO might take action by dropping a warning to the culprit in the same session. Otherwise, you are asked to head back and they might drop you a call to follow-up. No home visits for such cases.

If you want perfect accuracy in the account on your report, do it online yourself so it is more coherent.

Things to Note

  1. They are tech-savvy and know the ways to avoid legal pursuit
    A lot of them in such groups have already gathered enough knowledge to know that if they belong to groups based overseas (out of Singapore), they are “safe”. They are very well-equipped with technical knowledge on how to erase their digital footprints. This is why all the more this should be a collective effort for the community to come together for information sharing.
  2. Wait it out and gather as much information/evidence on the anonymous group/person as possible
    So through this you should know by now that the best chance any of us has got to catch these people is to gather as much personal information as possible. The best way to find out more information about these criminals is to wait it out. Being someone who has been harassed before, it is hardly ever a few different individuals doing the same act over across a few years/months. It’s very likely to be the same individual with a renewed hatred for you.
  3. Most social media platforms are trackable with a police report coupled with evidence
    Especially if they have a Singaporean mobile number as all purchases of SIM cards require NRIC/passport numbers. Of course, there might be instances of mobile number trading, etc. But over time, they get more relaxed and lazy with the way they do things, and this is when they accidentally let some things slide. For example, if you block them on telegram when they harass you, at some point, they might Instagram DM, Facebook msg you, etc. Don’t respond to it, take a screenshot and get the link to the user profile. Find ways to capture more information online. File a police report and present all the evidence you have gathered OVER time.
  4. Please contact me if you need help or have more information to provide.
    If you do have questions about it, please reach out to me and I will try my best to help/find more info. Through this post, I have actually received information and contacts of people in respective industries offering their help. So I’ll do as much as I can to help you raise your case to the right people. Know that you’re really not alone in this.

Here is a Safe Platform for Community Support + Legal Knowledge + Emotional Support #NOSHAME

I have started a closed telegram group consisting of people (all genders) who want to be a part of this through any efforts possible from information sharing, whistle blowing, to education on what we could do legally. I have closed the invitation link for now and are only inviting people who have verified their identities with me personally to ensure that no assholes are in it. Please drop me a PM or DM on Instagram if you would like to be a part of this group. We are sharing real-time knowledge and updates on websites/platforms that are selling nudes, etc, so we can gather as much as possible to submit them to the authorities.

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