About the Writer

Coco began writing on her own blog when she was 11 years old – when blogspot.com was thriving and tagboards were the thing. Through this, she picked up layout and basic web designing. Over the years, she had also started to run her own online store business which she was doing both photography and managing the operations alone. However, in her first year of Uni, she decided to close it down. Following her passion and interest in media and content creation, she majored in Photography and Digital Imaging in NTU ADM for the course of 4 years until her graduation in mid 2016.

Towards the end of 2016, feeling passively unhappy about her life, Coco needed an avenue for emotional expression. Under encouragement by a close friend, she had accidentally, and very luckily, stumbled onto starting a WordPress as an outlet of expression. It first gained its 10k views on an article in September 2015 – which was also featured on Huffington Post as one of its promoted articles.

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